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Problems with v.9.1 :(

Posted 11 October 2011 by Nick
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As per tradition, there’s a problem with the latest release (hey, it’s beta!) The program crashes when you try to get the list of software installed. The fix is to downgrade to v.9.1 (pretty lame, huh?) I know where the problem is, but since I don’t have much else to add I won’t be releasing [...]

New screenshots!

Posted 5 October 2011 by Nick
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I put up some new screenshots on the project page: I’m not going to update these screenshots here as I believe the SF page gets much more traffic. Plus, it’s nice to see all the changes from the older version:)


Posted 3 October 2011 by Nick
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Just released, TLA V.9.1 (you didn’t think I was going to jump to 1.0, did you?) We’ve got COLOR SCHEMES! That’s right, color schemes! Get it while it’s hot. Below is the changelog: Added options window (finally)! Moved query options menu to a button in the options window Removed “save window sizes” option from menu. [...]