Posted 21 January 2011 by Nick

I just put up the LONG overdue v.9 of TLA. You can find it at the usual place. As always, report bugs if you find them, maybe I’ll even reach 1.0 this year! Still a lot to do, some UI, some features I have in mind. I’ll put up some screenshots later. Below is the list of features/fixes/changes, use them for insomnia!


  • TLA now saves last window size by default
  • Added “Reset Window Size” to settings menu
  • Added support to search multiple users in batch wizard. (Thanks Tim) You can search by:
    • Last Name
    • Last Name, First Name
    • \username
  • Added “Export” to file menu when doing LDAP search. Allows users to save search results to CSV
  • Added service pack information
  • Added version number to OS
  • Moved BIOS version up
  • Made “sections” in results window for networking and drives
  • Added description to network card
  • Added “member of” to user results (in ldap search)
  • Added “More Network Info” to computer menu. This gives for each adapter:
    • Description
    • IP
    • DNS Hostname
    • DHCP Enabled (BOOL)
    • DHCP Server
    • Added boot up state results. Possible output is
    • “Normal boot”
    • “Fail-safe boot”
    • “Fail-safe with network boot”
  • Added system type Possible output is
    • “X86-based PC”
    • “MIPS-based PC”
    • “Alpha-based PC”
    • “Power PC”
    • “SH-x PC”
    • “StrongARM PC”
    • “64-bit Intel PC”
    • “64-bit Alpha PC”
    • “Unknown”
    • “X86-Nec98 PC”
  • Fixed IO error when unable to save tla.ini, give proper description of error
  • Made verbose status for when connecting to hardware (getting cpuinfo, drive info, etc)
  • Fixed computer->hardware info menu (Oh my!)
  • Hid/Disabled “Install printer” from computer menu. Need to do further testing
  • Added warning to tla.ini not to edit while tla is running
  • Added new global variable/user setting: always_show_computer_menu This turns on the computer menu on regardless of successfull pings. This allows the user to proceed if ping fails and perhaps remote management is turned on in the firewall. Users can add “always_show_computer_menu=true” to the TLA.ini to enable this feature. It can be done PER SESSION via the Settings->Advanced menu option
  • Added new form FrmEnableHardwareMenu for above features
  • Added search by department
  • Added fancy new ascii art to startup
  • Removed batch query button from toolbar – still accessible from menu. I didn’t think it was necessary
  • Tried to make the custom menu more simple, had many questions regarding this
  • Cleaned up hardware output a bit
  • Focus now jumps to drop down box when you press F1 when switching to mode 0 from mode 1

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