Posted 3 October 2011 by Nick

Just released, TLA V.9.1 (you didn’t think I was going to jump to 1.0, did you?)

We’ve got COLOR SCHEMES! That’s right, color schemes! Get it while it’s hot. Below is the changelog:

  • Added options window (finally)!
  • Moved query options menu to a button in the options window
  • Removed “save window sizes” option from menu. It’s redundent of the options window setting
  • Added “Check all” and “Uncheck all” buttons to query options window
  • Removed “Advanced” menu option and added “do not ping first” check box in options window
  • Set frmMain startup position to windows default
  • Removed “Reset Windows size” from Options menu (it’s in options window now)
  • Added Default AD search, allows user to set default AD search when they get to 2nd screen
  • Added startup screen, allows user to start in mode 0 or 1
  • Added pretty color schemes
  • Added “Start tla maximized” option
  • Added cool red (busy) and green (ready) lights to tla
  • Added help->contents menu to help new users configure/use TLA
  • Cleaned up tla.ini file creation code, and file itself
  • Added “Number of Physical Processors” in logged_in_info function
  • Added “Number of DIMM slots”
  • Added RAM size in each dim slot

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