Posted 24 July 2008 by Nick

The Lazy Admin (or TLA) is an Open Source (GPL) remote management tool for system administrators. It can be used to gather live data about machines on your network for which you have administrator access to.

TLA Gives the user the following hardware information:
2.IP Address
3.Model Number
4.Serial Number
5.Asset Tag
6.Current Logged in User Name, First name, Last Name, Email address
9.Version of Windows
10.Installation Date
11.Bios Version
12.Processor Speed
13.Drive Size and Health
14.MAC Address
15.Installed Software
16.Running Processes
17.History of last queried computers
18.Remote network printer installation
19.Service manager
…..And much more!

TLA can also do queries on Active Directory, Including:
1.Search by Last Name
2.Search by Log In ID
(both of these return First, Last, Email, Principal Name, Tel #, Department and Employee ID)
3.Search Bound computers (Macs show up if bound too)
4.“Type Ahead Find” allows you to search when large results come back

TLA is extendable:
Beginning with version 0.2, TLA now has the ability to make a custom menu. This custom menu can launch programs passing certain parameters (such as the hostname). See the FAQ for more information.

TLA is small
The current release is under 300k. Small enough to fit on a floppy disk!

TLA is portable
TLA does NOT use the registry! All settings are on the INI file. If the INI file is not found, it will make one for you. If it can’t make one, it will still operate.

TLA is OpenSource
TLA is licensed under the GPL, feel free to modify it, submit code comments, etc.

Sometimes you need to connect to a remote machine. Wouldn’t it be nice to see if anyone’s logged in? How about searching for a users name quickly? I know you can do all this using Microsoft’s current tools (Active Directory, SMS, etc) but they’re all different and clunky. TLA allows you to have live data without using all these different tools and has the ability to customize things.
The goal is to make TLA a lightweight administrators tool for working with multiple computers in different locations.

TLA uses Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 to connect to remote machines. It gathers information from remote machines using Microsoft’s WMI calls. The LDAP queries are done against the Active Directory server.

TLA is available from the Lazy Admin download page at sourceforge.net